Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Steelfist 16th century knights

I tried to ignore them and stay on the 15mm scale, but my willpower caved in!
 Incredible detailed figures in nice poses.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

15mm Mirliton Burgundian cavalry I

I ordered a bit more than i planned to paint so have extended the original 12 figure charging unit to 20 figures,this being the center command base, but could easily double up as a command base on its own, the flags are from petes  flags new Burgundian sheet.


Friday, 22 July 2016

15mm Italian wars XIV. Francis I king of France.Venexia miniatures news

Thats Francis I king of France properly represented on his own command base. The figures are from museum miniatures and are very nice figures, and i copied the colour scheme for Francis from Ospreys battle of Pavia!

 Now to some hopeful news!About a month ago i emailed Sgt Major miniatures( as it seems have quite a few others) regarding the Italian wars Vennexia miniatures and received a pleasing reply this morning,  it would appear they are hoping to have them available in next few months, and he is keen to get them in production again, great news indeed!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

15mm Burgundian Army collection so far.

Whilst i await my Legio Heroica Burgundian order to arrive i have mustered my 15mm Burgundian army as it stands at the moment for a few quick photos.
  I intend to expand this army with a unit of infantry, 36 figures with a mix of halberdiers and men at arms, and two more cavalry units, one with 12 mirliton men at arms in the charging pose with lances leveled and the other a unit of 12 mounted crossbowmen from legio heroica!

               All the infantry are legio heroica/ the cavalry mostly Mirliton, the best combination!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

15mm. Italian wars XIII. A few additions.

A few more Imperialist additions to the Italian wars.

On the left is Museum miniatures Organ gun and on the right is a command base of  Gotz Von Berlichingen(b.1481-d.1562) made up of Essex minitures.
The standard is the usual excellent Petes flags.

I have done some extra work on the command bases by adding an identification marker with the commanders name, these were made by cutting a strip of a 20x20mm mdf base and then slicing it to half its thickness!
I am finishing of with Francis 1st command base with Museum miniatures, i had originally painted him into the french Gendarmes  unit but have decided to do a representation of him on his own base!
   After i have finished Francis I i am planning to put the Italian wars collection into hibernation for a while, its been four months work and i have made a significant contribution to this colourful period, and its time to return to the the medieval times and put a bit more work into the 15mm Burgundian army collection.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sunday, 26 June 2016

15mm Italian wars XI. Landsknecht Arquebus.

Here are some of the Arquebus to  complete the first landsknecht infantry formation. I have studied  the old woodcuts and art work of the period showing Arquebus formations on the wings of the pikeblocs, so i will base them in two 12 figure blocs one each side of the pike formation.

 I made a small order from museum miniatures, a pack of Arquebus ,which are here in the photo mixed with old glory, the multi barrel organ gun and the mounted command pack Maximilian which i am going to paint as Francis 1st command base( The mtd command figure just cries out to be a king)
      Museum minis are very nice quality sculpts and a little larger than old glory, the only draw back is there packs of infantry are pretty much identical figures in same pose but one pack mixed in with the old glory and painting them in different colours and it is not that noticeable!